Face to face in Clerkenwell

After a long silence, time for a quick update. It’s not that I’ve not been busy – quite the opposite I’m pleased to say.

I have tried out some of the bigger design shows in the last year but it is the more curated and targeted public shows that seem to fit best with my limited edition and one-off pieces, and it is a true pleasure to meet some of my customers face to face.

The most recent of these was over Easter at the Craft Central gallery in Clerkenwell, I was invited by the enigmatic Anna Faine to show my work with just a handful of selected jewellers. I was very pleased to be showing my work amongst such a professional, talented and lovely bunch.


Alfriston Exhibition Update


The exhibition my work is part of at The Coach House Gallery, Alfriston, East Sussex is on until September – Just thought I’d remind you.

My display keeps changing as I ad new pieces and the amazing Amanda Lawrence keeps finding new things to display my work on…I thought I was a good magpie…seems I have much to learn from Ms Lawrence.

My work is also displayed on these beautiful little wooden trees, each one unique by the clever Forge Creative http://forgecreative.co/small-pieces/trees I’ll not be packing up without purchasing a collection of these little beauties.

Studio Loo

studio loo pic

So for this month only, each weekend, I am joining a collective of creatives as part of Brighton and Hove Open Houses art trail http://www.aoh.org.uk/?location_id=919&filter=studio+loo.

It’s called Studio Loo because that is exactly what it used to be – the public toilets on Portland Road, Hove. The inspired transformation is by Eco interior and garden designer Claire Potter, you can the clever things she gets up to here http://www.clairepotterdesign.com/.

It is a great space, perfectly re-purposed showing a great combination of carefully curated art and products to peruse and purchase…and it has to be said the cake available, made by Claire’s mum, is pretty fine too.

So obviously I have a vested interest in recommending a visit – but it really is a great place with added odd history.


Exhibition latest



So if you take a trip in the the Sussex countryside I’d like to suggest you make the beautiful village of Alfriston your destination – specifically the Coach House Gallery…on a selfish level – as here alongside other artists and designers a display of my latest work awaits your arrival.

I was really pleased to be asked by Amanda Lawrence to be part of this exhibition, having always admired Amanda’s meticulous work and there was no doubt that she would pull together a fantastic show…it sits together seamlessly.

My limited collection and one off pieces will be here surrounded by furniture, sculpture, paintings and other seriously beautiful things – all for sale from 2nd May to 31st August. Also worth a mention are the stunning walks, restaurants and historical buildings here.The place has a very special place in my heart as it is where myself and Mr M had our wedding party…though I don’t think the blue plaque for this has gone up yet!

The Coach House Gallery. High Street, Alfriston BN26 5TD
Open every day Mon – Fri 10am to 5.30pm and Sun and Bank Holidays 11am to 5pm


A little bit of history

Me etc

So I decided to venture back to my jewellery bench last year, I’d shown my new work to my friends…and no surprise they said they liked it…they are great friends after all.

I then decided to test the market by opening my own house as part of the Brighton and Hove Open House Christmas Art Trail. I was interviewed by Laura Cartledge from Etc Magazine about my foray into this odd concept of opening your door to who ever might fancy a look in.

So as luck would have it some people I know and love make and do amazing things so I asked them to join in – and together we presented a selling show www.fortytwobrighton.co.uk in my very own front room. Much to my amazement I loved the experienc, well I like spending time with friends and meeting new folk so maybe not that much of a surprise…anyway after the first weekend I had sold most of my new work. It was time to get busy!

Here is the interview http://etcmag.net/shopping-art/