A little bit of history

Me etc

So I decided to venture back to my jewellery bench last year, I’d shown my new work to my friends…and no surprise they said they liked it…they are great friends after all.

I then decided to test the market by opening my own house as part of the Brighton and Hove Open House Christmas Art Trail. I was interviewed by Laura Cartledge from Etc Magazine about my foray into this odd concept of opening your door to who ever might fancy a look in.

So as luck would have it some people I know and love make and do amazing things so I asked them to join in – and together we presented a selling show www.fortytwobrighton.co.uk in my very own front room. Much to my amazement I loved the experienc, well I like spending time with friends and meeting new folk so maybe not that much of a surprise…anyway after the first weekend I had sold most of my new work. It was time to get busy!

Here is the interview http://etcmag.net/shopping-art/